Beryl’s Chocolate and Confectionary Sdn Bhd (Beryl’s) was created with one aim in mind – excellence. Since our establishment in 1995, we’ve focused on ensuring the creation, supply and maintenance of the very best chocolates for both the Malaysian and international market. With a vision of being a leading international brand that is synonymous with the highest quality chocolate products, Beryl’s has focused on a simple set of values at every step of our journey.

Quality, innovation and the very highest levels of service – these are what we promise our customers and partners alike. The reason for this dedication is a simple one as we aim to keep our customers happy. Every Beryl’s product carries this implied promise of the very best in chocolate products and we believe that the Beryl’s brand is now synonymous with that expectation.

Beryl’s is after all more than just another manufacturer.

We commit a substantial amount of time, effort and resources towards the development of unique chocolate combinations. Many of these use local and regional ingredients including durians, mangoes and even chilies to create chocolate blends like no other. This development process starts however with the finest raw materials including some of the world’s best cocoa beans from Ghana. The use of the best raw material is, we believe important in ensuring the finest finished products.

Throughout this development and manufacturing process, we maintain a devotion to the highest quality and production standards. This rigor is backed up by a group of creative and innovative employees who ensure that they keep an eye on what our customers want. The end result – high quality, safe and consistently excellent chocolate products.

Seeing people smile after they taste a Beryl’s chocolate – now that’s a priceless gift indeed. In fact, you could say that every smile is a sign of our success. So go ahead – try a piece of our chocolate … it’ll make you smile.

Ting Sii Liong
Managing Director

  Mission Statement
Constantly strive to satisfy customers’ needs through premium quality products
Stay competitive and enhance our customers’ enjoyment of the finest chocolates
Provide employees an opportunity to develop their skills
Share our success with employees and shareholders alike
Be responsible to the countries and the communities where we do businesses